Why Corporate Massage

What better way to say to your employees “we care about your well-being” than to offer a break in their day to have a massage?

  • Studies have shown that three quarters of healthcare costs in the United States are related to chronic stress related diseases.
  • The cost to companies is lower productivity and job dissatisfaction
  • Every $1 spent on health and wellness programs can save $3.48 in health care costs and $5.82 in losses due to absenteeism. (Hewitt Health Value Initiative, Health Cost Research Report, September, 2007, www.hewittassociates.com)
  • To relieve stress and bring back focus and clarity
  • Our ability to make critical decisions with insight and foresight requires us to stop and take a break and practice mindfulness. Massage therapy can help us do just that.
  • To increase happiness and well-being–Happy employees are healthier, more productive, and more creative.
Upgrade Your Life!

Avoid burnout, stress, tension, and hyper-connection to mobile devices and computers!